Real Estate Photography

Aerial photos of your home or business are sure to grab the attention of visitors or customers. They can even be the difference in your home selling before others nearby with stunning views that capture a much larger area than street level photography.


Agricultural Photography

Action shots from the farm can make great wall art in your home office or boost advertising of your custom farming business.


Crop Damage Analysis

Aerial technology on the farm has definitely come a long way. Our drones can be deployed quickly after crop damage events such as seed drill misses, hail, wildlife damage and wind lodging to generate accurate reports and help get farmers accurate assessments.


Roof Inspections

With the help of drones today, maps can be made to help home owners and contractors to calculate square footage, pitches, and measurements without having to step foot on a roof or job site. With safety being a huge concern measuring or inspecting roofs can be done with ease from the ground.


Volume / Elevation Mapping

From grain, silage, gravel or any other type of aggregate, volumes can now be calculated quickly from the air within 1-2% of the accuracy of ground based methods. This can be completed with huge cost and time savings compared to ground based methods. Elevation mapping can give you a quick view of how a future land purchase may perform or where water holes may need to be drained to.



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